Founder & President

Avani Gupta is the very essence of SOT. She does her work with love, hardwork, resilience and commitment. SOT is what it is today because of her. She has spent day and night to give birth to it and without her the team cannot survive even a day. She knows when to step up, step in and step back. She is a true leader.


Vice President

 Trisha Kumar has been the backbone of SOT since started. She supports the team and has always worked with diligence and and open mind. She feels like the right of communication should be provided to all and works non-stop to accomplish it. She is an approachable leader and encourages everyone to bring out their best. 



Graphic Design

Arrush joined the team in December 2020 and is one of our older members. He works energetically and is always eager to hop onto a new task. He keeps the team together and has a special bond with everyone. He is a man of his word and is dedicated to get the best content for us.


Content Team

Since March, 2021, Jiya Vig has been an integral part of the team. She loves participating in discussions and comes up with ideas all the time. She is truly unique to us. She believes that nobody should have to suffer in silence and contributes to Speak Out Teens passionately.