Am I feeling happy or sad, am I feeling low or, am I feeling anxious? What are these? Emotions? Feelings? Inner thoughts? Whatever we may describe them as they speak of our mental health. Speak Out Teens is an initiative run by a group of like-minded teenagers who work towards removing the stigma around mental health. When we are going through our teenage years, our body undergoes changes not only physically but also mentally and emotionally; which are just as important. At times, we tend to make impulsive decisions that may affect us in the long run.

SOT endeavors to spread awareness about how communication is the key to a healthy life and good mental health. Our vision is to reach out to as many teenagers as possible and stress on the importance of sharing their thoughts and feelings without hesitance. Some of us have a good circle of friends, and we comfortably share our emotions however, some of us may keep things bottled up. Those of us who do not share, are called introverts. Is that right; or are they just scared to share, for the fact that they'll be judged? We all are different, and we all act to situations differently. Don't let anyone ever tell you or make you feel otherwise.

Our duty as teenagers is to create a comfortable atmosphere in which everyone can share their thoughts and feelings; and feel comfortable as whoever they are. Reach out, speak. We are listening.

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